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Sentinel Literary Quarterly - October - December 2016
Published by SPM Publications. Editors: Mandy Pannett (Poetry), Nnorom Azuonye (Managing)


Editorial Note

Section 1: Sentinel Champions

John Gallas - Fighting the Biography of John Clare
Camilla Lambert - Moon-egg
Lesley Burt - The Greens
Math Jones - Two Cups
Andy Eycott Foetal Cues
Sam Burns - Amma
Ross Cogan - Two Poems
Robin Lindsay Wilson – Desire in the Cheap Seats

Terry Jones has written an excellent Adjudication Report on this competition which can be read here.

Section 2: SLQ Poetry

Scott Elder Recital
Theophilus Ejorh - Two Poems
Byron Benyon - Leaving this place
Peter Taylor Two Poems
Colin Honnor A Wind Scriathe
Nick Cooke - Two Poems
Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan - Two poems
James Finan - The Wretchules
Indunil Madhusankha - Two Poems
Ian Fitzgerald - The Courtyard
John Sweet - Twilight in the City of Empty Fables
Saloni Kaul - On The Alert
Idongesit Ifet - African Sunset
Anne M Carson - Two Poems
Alok Mishra - You, Me and Poetry
Ted Mc Carthy - Landmarks
Ogundare Tope - Two Poems
Frederick Pollack - Tapestry
Lazola Pambo - I Am Of This Gender
James Bell - Two Poems

Section 3: Essays & Reviews

John Freeman‘s Strata Smith and the Anthropocene - a review by Mandy Pannett

Magic, Illusion and Other Realities - essay by Simon Perchik

Mandy Pannett reviews Nothing More to it than Bubbles by Jane Burn

Section 4: SLQ Fiction

Simon Howells - A Do
Laura Solomon - Vision

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Sentinel Literary Quarterly October to December 2016
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