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Sentinel Literary Quarterly: July - September 2020
Published by SPM Publications. Editor: Nnorom Azuonye

Slq July -September 2020

The July - September 2020 print issue of Sentinel Literary Quarterly serves up a marvellous feast of prize-winning poetry. Here are well-crafted poems that please, surprise and shock as they explore the human realities of our time; our loves and our losses, our peace, our wars and festering social wounds inflicted by mankind on mankind and by enemies mysterious and invisible.

There are 78 poems and 2 short stories in this issue. Majority of the poems are prize winners, commendees, or specially mentioned work  in SLQ poetry competitions between November 2018 and April 2020. They are all available to read - at absolutely no cost - on the magazine's website. Dip in when it is convenient for you and read them online or get them all in one book to enrich your library. We are happy that you have that choice to enjoy the SLQ on or offline.

UK - £7.00 + £1.99 P&P

Europe £7.00 + £2.99 P&P

Rest of the World - £7.00 + £4.99 P&P



Editorial - Renaissant SLQ  




Harsh Ramchandani  - 'Third Culture Kid', 'Gideon'

Hannah-Lee Osborn - 'We Lived in a Beautiful House'

Sean Boustead - 'Manifest', 'The Guy'

Lizzie Smith - 'The Migraine', 'A Tale of Five Ewes'

David Lohrey - 'Bombardier to Captain'

Rob Sanders - 'Albedo'

Mark Totterdell - 'Rhinoceros', 'The Parrot and the Dove', 'Jersey Tiger Moth', 'Peregrine'

Giles Goodland - 'Garden', 'Scrabble with Mother'

Wendy Klein - 'Leaves', 'Hooked by Otters'

Angelena Demaria - 'Tinted Glasses', 'Infested Waters'

Paul Fleckney - 'Trees'

IONA MAY - 'Between us'

Neil Flynn - 'The Wonder Years'

John Foggin - 'You asked me'

Gabriel Griffin - 'Winter Morning visit to the sun king’s palace', 'Flying Ointment'

Peter Wyton - 'Duty of Care'

Jenny Mitchell - 'Last Words'

Claire Miranda Roberts - 'Incarnation'

Claire Williamson - 'Care'

G. E. Stevens - 'Non-Native'

Helen Eastman - 'Mooring'

Zoe McCann - 'The Harp'

Greta Ross - 'In the line of Fire',  'Henry Hall’s Lighthouse'

Glen Wilson - 'Bespoke Suit, 1918'

Shanley McConnell - 'a mother’s goodbye'

Steve Xerri - 'Imagining the Lares'

Kevin O'Brien - 'Do I Love You? Well now…'

Michael Brown - 'Right of Way'

Philip Williams - 'Red Triangle'

Elizabeth Davies - 'What nanny knew' 

Will Daunt - 'Tony’s Next'

Lucy Crispin - 'mandatory blackbird poem'

Malcolm Fritchley - 'The Model'   

Jack Faricy - 'Scrap' 

Ruth Calway - 'Yew' 

David Duncombe - Mam Tor, January

Paul Nash - 'The Albatross at Langdon School'

Mark Saunders - 'Breakfall'

Paul Sedgley - 'Mycelium glioblastoma tarmacadam'

Jacob Dengate - 'A Sojourn in Suburbia'

Richard Westcott - 'Return of the Green Man'

Simon Tindale - 'Two Doors' 

Andrew Muggeridge    Notes on disconnect

Jocelyn Simms - 'As if Invisible', ‘… crossing the garden by the pale flowers’, 'It was the Silence' Michael Caines - 'Buffoon'

Jim Friedman - 'Stickmen'

Christopher M. James - 'Ghost writer'

Mike Farren - 'Goreme'

Mary Williams - 'Period Charm (from The Viewing)'

Nathaniel Frankland - 'Instagramophobe'

Jeanine Stevens - 'Wintering in Bloomsbury: 1981'

Al Mcclimens  - 'Nietzsche in Torino'

Jane Burn - 'How ASC Made Her Worth Her Weight in Birds'

Cheryl Pearson - 'My Mother's Hands'

Alessio Zanelli - 'View', 'The Tramp In The Beech Wood', 'South Yorkshire To South Lombardy',                        'In St. Mary’s Graveyard', 'Stellar Graffitist', 'A Clearing In The Wood'

Dan Keeble - 'Hungarian Dance 4th November 1956'

Julie Anne Gilligan - 'No last line'

DS Maolalai - 'The  Accident', 'Sober, driving'

Chris Johnson - 'Nemesis'  




Ian Inglis - Au Cafe de la Mairie

Angela Wye - The Park                       


Sentinel Literary Quarterly Magazine (July - September 2020). Published by SPM Publications on 15th August 2020. Copyright: 2020 Various Authors (Standard Copyright Licence). First Edition. Language: English. Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback. Interior Ink: Black & White. Dimensions: (centimetres) 15.24 wide x 22.86 tall.  Lead times for delivery are (business days) up to 14 (UK), 21 (Europe) and up to 30 (Rest of the World). Magazines normally despatched within 3-5 days of order. Buy online and pay securely by PayPal or send a cheque payable to SPM Publications Ltd, 120 Warland Road, London SE18 2ET, United Kingdom.


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